9 patch in May

It goes without saying that I haven’t been a prolific writer here.  I have been sewing and will do my best to recap some of the sewing accomplishments of the last year.

Today I have finally cracked into a jelly roll that I have been sitting on for what seems like forever.  So let’s 9 patch!!

 …. 6 hours later ….

It’s tricky to find a long stretch of time to work on a project when you have two small children.  My girls are 5 and 8 and being their mom involves a Lot if coming and going.  Packing bags for the next thing that we do, arranging snacks or meals and unpacking things into the washing pile or the dishwasher.  This is likely one of the reasons why I start so many projects and finish so few in a timely manner.

This morning I took my jelly roll and sewed about half the strips into pairs the rest I left as singles.  Next I cut them into 2 1/2 inch lengths (as 2 1/2 inches is the width of the strips)

Then I had to go and pick up from preschool, make lunch, eat lunch and clean up from breakfast and lunch.  Once that was finished I had to go to the elementary school to pick up my older daughter and hurry home to empty the dishwasher and start dinner.

Now the fun started where I took all my pieces and started setting them out into 9 patches.  I didn’t get all of them done because there were no less than 15 Lego emergencies and several altercations that needed settling.   My hope is to finish all the layout tomorrow and sew at least one or two blocks …. Fingers crossed.


Quilting in the Sunshine

I live on Vancouver Island which may very well be the most wonderful place on the earth.  We have mild temperatures and countless ways to enjoy ourselves outside.  Beaches, forests, parks … The list goes on and on. Last summer I decided that I needed a hand sewing project “to go” so I could sew a few stitches whiles the kids played in the sand or ran in the parks.

This was the beginning of Grandmothers Flower Garden.  I sat on my beach blanket and made what felt like thousands of hexigons punching paper, cutting fabric and basting these shapes.  My friends got interested in the project and would check in periodically to see how things were going.  Then summer ended, school started and the flowers went into a box and there they sat for the past 10 months.

The last day of school is next Thursday so I thought I would dig up this lovely project and put it back in my beach bag.  Maybe by the time Rebecca graduates high school (she has only just finished grade 1) I will be done but until then I have lots of colours and wonderful tiny stitches to keep my fingers busy for yet an other season of sitting by the ocean accompanied by the laughter of my amazing kids!


2/111 Autumn Tints

Picking colours is taking longer than I thought.  Years of collecting fat quarters gives me lots of options but also costing me in indecision.  Also I am finding that my usual tolerance for small errors has gone out the window … Who knew that this would be the project to bring out the A type in me.  I guess trying to be “perfect” will present its own challenges and will be good for me.

Also being a first time blogger I am trying to identify (for myself) why I am doing this? (the blog that is, not the quilt I want to make the quilt!)  at some point maybe I will get brave and share this on social media. Invite the people in my life to my thoughts while I sew? Well, if for no other reason than to document this for myself I push onward.

Block 2 is halfway done need some quiet sewing time but need to make a puzzle with Nora first …


I have recently discovered spray starch and really like working with firmer pieces.  I believe this will be essential in this project.

Tomorrow … I have committed myself to putting borders on one of my many UFOs … So I will be taking a short intermission from this one to get closer to finishing an other!

1 down 110 to go

It’s a lot of blocks and will be a lot of work but I will admit that I am looking forward to lots of small pieces especially as it is just a few at a time.

I learned something important last night. I was trying to be so very careful cutting a square from a template and then I remembered that I can measure the template and cut the square with my ruler.


Simple, silly and true.

I have all the pieces for the second block cut out and hope to sew them later today.

The Farmer’s Wife

Ok, Block 1 of the Farmer’s Wife – Attic Window here we go … This project just got real!


Yes. I am that special kind of crazy person, I am making two of each.  I couldn’t decide if I wanted to make this one in Winter or Autumn colours so I am doing both.

Not such a bad idea

I hope that by posting my progress here it will keep me motivated to keep going.  I haven’t set a goal date for completion and I wont.  But I do hope at some point that I will find a kindred soul out there who will make the blocks along with me. I think that would be fun.


So here here it is