Quilting in the Sunshine

I live on Vancouver Island which may very well be the most wonderful place on the earth.  We have mild temperatures and countless ways to enjoy ourselves outside.  Beaches, forests, parks … The list goes on and on. Last summer I decided that I needed a hand sewing project “to go” so I could sew a few stitches whiles the kids played in the sand or ran in the parks.

This was the beginning of Grandmothers Flower Garden.  I sat on my beach blanket and made what felt like thousands of hexigons punching paper, cutting fabric and basting these shapes.  My friends got interested in the project and would check in periodically to see how things were going.  Then summer ended, school started and the flowers went into a box and there they sat for the past 10 months.

The last day of school is next Thursday so I thought I would dig up this lovely project and put it back in my beach bag.  Maybe by the time Rebecca graduates high school (she has only just finished grade 1) I will be done but until then I have lots of colours and wonderful tiny stitches to keep my fingers busy for yet an other season of sitting by the ocean accompanied by the laughter of my amazing kids!



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