2/111 Autumn Tints

Picking colours is taking longer than I thought.  Years of collecting fat quarters gives me lots of options but also costing me in indecision.  Also I am finding that my usual tolerance for small errors has gone out the window … Who knew that this would be the project to bring out the A type in me.  I guess trying to be “perfect” will present its own challenges and will be good for me.

Also being a first time blogger I am trying to identify (for myself) why I am doing this? (the blog that is, not the quilt I want to make the quilt!)  at some point maybe I will get brave and share this on social media. Invite the people in my life to my thoughts while I sew? Well, if for no other reason than to document this for myself I push onward.

Block 2 is halfway done need some quiet sewing time but need to make a puzzle with Nora first …


I have recently discovered spray starch and really like working with firmer pieces.  I believe this will be essential in this project.

Tomorrow … I have committed myself to putting borders on one of my many UFOs … So I will be taking a short intermission from this one to get closer to finishing an other!


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